Bournemouth University
Individual-based Ecology
Centre for Conservation Ecology and Environmental Change

Group members

Professor Richard Stillman - Professor of Conservation Ecology
Professor John Goss-Custard - Visiting Professor
Dr Roger Herbert - Senior Lecturer in Coastal & Marine Biology

Post-doctoral Researchers
Dr Kevin Wood - Mechanistic models of migratory bird populations
Dr Kathryn Ross - Disturbance and bird populations

PhD Students
Katharine Bowgen - Predicting effects of environmental change on biodiversity
Catherine Collop - Effects of disturbance on bird populations
Clare Davies - Impact of the invasive Pacific oyster on coastal ecosystems
Greg Murray - Individual-based models of cyprinid fish populations
Ann Thornton - Impact of macroalgal mats on coastal ecosystems

Dr David Baker
Dr Julien Cucherousset
Dr Sui Chian Phang
Dr Alison Poole
Dr Antonio Uzal
Andy West
Dr Pippa Wood
Dr Alex Young

Dr Gregorio Toral (2009)
Dr Kevin Clausen (2012)
Anne-Sophie Deville (2013)
Kwanmok Kim (2013)

Individual-based Ecology Group Individual-based Ecology Group

Counting Oystercatchers Counting Oystercatchers

Ringing Mute Swan Ringing Mute Swan