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EVENT is a simple event recording program that displays a video and records the timing of events within the video. EVENT runs in Microsoft Windows 95 and later, and can display videos in the Windows Media Video (WMF) format.

EVENT is provided as a compressed file, EVENT.ZIP. For the purpose of following the user guide and getting to know how EVENT works it is best to expand this file to C:\EVENT. This will allow the test files supplied with EVENT to be used as part of this guide.

The following files and folders should be present once EVENT.ZIP has been expanded.

C:\Event\Event.exe - EVENT program
C:\Event\Event user guide.doc - User guide
C:\Event\Video files\Test video file.wmv - Test video file
C:\Event\Template files\Test template file.tem - Test template file
C:\Event\Event files\Test event file.eve - Test event file

Any file locations or names can be used once a user has experience in using EVENT.

EVENT was developed by Richard Stillman

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